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Success Strategies: The Questions to Ask Before You Recruit a New Leader


A leadership vacancy is costly in all areas of your organization. When you are in need of a new executive, there is a tendency to value speed over all else; organizations want to get new leaders in place as quickly as possible to mitigate their cost.

Ending the Firefight: Aligning Your Daily Operations so You can Focus on the Future

Ending the Firefight

In the fast-moving healthcare industry, there are more patients and challenges than employees. This means everyone, from front-line staff to the executive suite, is managing multiple issues at any given time.

Sharing the Wealth: Educating Your Team on the Financial Side of Healthcare

Sharing Wealth Banner

Financial concerns, including driving growth and cutting costs, are top of mind for today’s healthcare leaders.

Influence vs. Leadership: New Ways to Inspire Your Team

New Ways to Inspire Your Team

At the top levels of healthcare leadership, responsibility is a given, but respect is not automatic. While many executives believe that a C-suite title provides influence implicitly, this is not the case.

The Five Soft Skills to Look for in a New Leader

The Five Soft Skills to Look for in a New Leader

The challenges faced by healthcare executives today are complex and multifaceted; from a shrinking candidate pool to the complications of managing multiple generates in the workforce, the industry has a critical need for the right kind of leadership.

Do You Have a Career Resolution for the New Year?

Do You Have a Career Resolution for the New Year

For most healthcare executives, the new year is ushered in with well thought-out strategic direction, care delivery objectives and financial planning.