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Industry Insights

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Value and Vision: Does Your Organization Understand How to Provide Value?

Value and Vision

The healthcare industry is experiencing its highest levels of competition to date, making the need for differentiation and quality care more crucial than ever. At the root of the current shift in the market is the evolution from volume-based to value-base

A Master Class in Academic Search Engagements: 3-Part Series Part Two: Maximizing the Candidate Experience

max candidate experiance

A Master Class in Academic Search Engagements: 3-Part Series Part Two: Maximizing the Candidate Experience

Integrated Leadership: The New Partnerships Within the C-Suite

Integrated Leadership Block

Top leaders within healthcare organizations must build partnerships across the C-Suite to help drive innovation, patient experience and more to create positive impacts. Keywords: integrated leadership, integrated leadership skills, benefits of integrativ

5 Tips to Become a Successful Change Agent in Healthcare

Change Agent Healthcare

Change agents tend to have common traits regardless of their background. But how does one get started once they are brought in? Read five key tips that successful change agents implement when brought into a new healthcare organization.

A 3-Part Master Class in Preparing for Academic Search Engagements

Master Class Part One

Any academic institution tasked with recruiting and retaining faculty leaders and scholars, scientists, administrators and researchers knows how challenging this assignment can be in a highly competitive recruiting environment.

NAHSE’s 34th Annual Educational Conference will be held this year on Oct. 9-11 in Washington, D.C.

NAHSE’s 34th Annual Educational Conference

Managing Principals Joyce Tucker and Mark Madden of the Cejka Search executive search team will be onsite at the conference meeting with association members during the two-day event.

Onboarding: The Vital Step Many Organizations Miss

Onboarding: The Vital Step Many Organizations Miss

Once you have made your hire, set your plan for the future and are ready to move forward, you face a pivotal moment, for both your team and your new leader. The first few months of employment are the most critical for a new hire at any level.

Leadership Succession Planning: Three Key Areas You Must Address

Succession Planning

In today’s fast-changing health care industry, succession planning has never been more important for hospitals and health systems who hope to not only compete, but to win over both leaders and patients

Success Strategies: The Questions to Ask Before You Recruit a New Leader


A leadership vacancy is costly in all areas of your organization. When you are in need of a new executive, there is a tendency to value speed over all else; organizations want to get new leaders in place as quickly as possible to mitigate their cost.

Ending the Firefight: Aligning Your Daily Operations so You can Focus on the Future

Ending the Firefight

In the fast-moving healthcare industry, there are more patients and challenges than employees. This means everyone, from front-line staff to the executive suite, is managing multiple issues at any given time.

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