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How to Identify Inclusive Leaders: 3 Traits to Look for in Executive Candidates

How to Identify Inclusive Leaders

These top traits can help decision-makers and recruiters identify healthcare leadership prospects who are committed to enriching diversity, equity and inclusion.

3 Critical Competencies Your ACO Leader Must Have

Hero blog ACO Leader Graphic

When interviewing potential ACO leaders, organizational decision-makers and executive staffing professionals can look for critical competencies.

Healthcare Leaders: How to Deliver Thought Leadership in a Virtual World

Virtual Thought Leadership Blog

Thought leadership involves not only honing the skills to become proficient at what you do, but also taking the time to refine, package, and present what you’ve learned for the benefit of others.

Why More Organizations Are Seeking Clinical Leaders for C-Suite Roles

Hero blog Why Organizations Are Seeking Clinical Leaders

Organizations are recognizing more and more that physicians, nurses, and other clinicians can bring a unique, boots-on-the-ground perspective to the C-suite.

CNO/Nurse Executives: 3 Competencies for 2021 and Beyond


The vital role executive nursing leaders have played during the COVID pandemic cannot be understated. Many nurse executives have emerged as among the most highly effective leaders, able to steadily and strategically navigate uncertain terrain.

5-Part Series: Building Your Reputation as a Medical Group Provider of Choice Part One: Nurturing Patient Relationships


According to our medical group leadership network, positioning a practice as a provider of choice among patient populations is critical to driving profitability and success, specifically considering consumer experience and consumer preference.

The New Definition of Success

new defination of success

In business terms, you cannot measure what you do not monitor. This standard explains the importance of utilizing meaningful reporting to track progress toward care-based, financial and operational goals within a healthcare organization.

The Top 3 Competencies Your New CIO Must Have

 CEO competencies

In a rapidly changing world, the healthcare industry is experiencing sweeping changes and new challenges.

In Administrative Overload? Five Strategies to Help Lessen the Load

Medical Group admin Burden blog

For some physician leaders, the burden of administrative duties has compromised their ability to spend valuable time providing patient care, and recent research has suggested that industry changes in the last few years may have increased the burden.

The Impact of Price Transparency on Healthcare

Hero blog price transparency

The healthcare industry has been a central focus in our current political climate, specifically in the debate over how our population will receive care going forward. The role of insurers, patient responsibilities and price transparency are all front-and-

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