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5-Part Series: Building Your Reputation as a Medical Group Provider of Choice Part One: Nurturing Patient Relationships


According to our medical group leadership network, positioning a practice as a provider of choice among patient populations is critical to driving profitability and success, specifically considering consumer experience and consumer preference.

The New Definition of Success

new defination of success

In business terms, you cannot measure what you do not monitor. This standard explains the importance of utilizing meaningful reporting to track progress toward care-based, financial and operational goals within a healthcare organization.

The Top 3 Competencies Your New CIO Must Have

 CEO competencies

In a rapidly changing world, the healthcare industry is experiencing sweeping changes and new challenges.

In Administrative Overload? Five Strategies to Help Lessen the Load

Medical Group admin Burden blog

For some physician leaders, the burden of administrative duties has compromised their ability to spend valuable time providing patient care, and recent research has suggested that industry changes in the last few years may have increased the burden.

The Impact of Price Transparency on Healthcare

Hero blog price transparency

The healthcare industry has been a central focus in our current political climate, specifically in the debate over how our population will receive care going forward. The role of insurers, patient responsibilities and price transparency are all front-and-

Three Critical Factors to Consider When Crafting Competitive Leadership Compensation Plans

Three Critical Factors to Consider When Crafting Competitive Leadership Compensation Plans

One of the more perplexing aspects of medical group practice management is determining appropriate compensation plans for recruitment.

Physician Group Leadership 2020

Physician Group Leadership 2020

2019 brought many changes that reshaped the strategies and operations of medical practices across the country.

Behavioral Healthcare 2020

Hero Blog 2020 Behavioral health

In part one of our series reviewing the challenges for the healthcare industry in 2020, we reviewed the utilization of technology and the ability to adapt as key areas of focus for administrators of rural health facilities. In part two, we shift our atten

Rural Healthcare 2020

Hero blog

In 2019, hospitals all around the US worked to keep up with the increased focus on value over volume, dedicated resources to improving the patient experience, balancing their daily operating requirements with the changes in reimbursements and payment pro

Part Three: Red Flags and Roadblocks to Look for in Every Search Engagement

Academic part Three

Perhaps the biggest risk factor in any search engagement is the fact that time is not always on your side. What do I mean by that? In part two of this blog series, I warned against the practice of lengthy and cumbersome selection and hiring processes...

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