Identifying Emerging Leaders in Today’s Healthcare Environment

Identifying Emerging Leaders in Todays Healthcare Environment
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September 09, 2022 05:09 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Increasing turnover rates and the declining numbers in the active workforce are intensifying the competition to recruit top tier leaders. Many organizations are in a cycle of regularly hiring, recruiting and replacing employees at great cost. This can curb a company’s momentum, delay the advancement of key strategies and impact the development of its bench strength. The organizations in the healthcare industry that are most successful in securing and maintaining talent are better positioned to succeed in this competitive market. They are the hospitals, health systems and group practices that have stable, enterprise-wide succession and leadership development plans to keep their best and brightest leaders in place and focused on future success.

Developing a Succession Plan in Healthcare

An unprecedented level of healthcare burnout, mental health fatigue and retirements has led to an increase in transitions of today’s healthcare leaders and critical staffing shortages across the industry. Healthcare systems are now forced to quickly evaluate recruitment and retention processes to maintain critical leadership positions.

Many organizations do not realize they already have internal talent ready to take on new roles needed to match the changing healthcare landscape dynamic. One emerging practice is to look within the organization's current resource pool of employees. In many cases, future-focused leaders who understand modern trends and how to navigate the difficulties of our healthcare system are in positions of professional development and growth and can make the transition.

Succession planning is a crucial component of a successful organization. Discovering and training capable talent from within the organization can ensure a smooth transition process and provide an individual who is already familiar with the company’s goals to step up into a leadership role.

As an executive search firm, we are dialed into the skill sets and backgrounds needed to fill these new and emerging positions – mainly in how to help organizations plan and align talent with their unique goals and objectives. Identifying the right talent can help improve employee engagement, reduce high turnover rates, mitigate loss of internal knowledge, and reduce the impact of costly long-term vacancies.

Thankfully, there are some excellent case studies on health systems taking a succession planning approach to address the workforce struggles. Children’s Hospital Colorado and Indiana University Health were able to effectively anticipate and better understand the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and the growing demand for effective leadership.

Cejka Search has exclusively served the healthcare industry and health-related academic organizations for more than 36 years. Our approach is collaborative, and our expertise and experience foster our ability to place qualified candidates across multiple disciplines at various levels within an organization. Let’s connect to discuss how our sophisticated approach can help fill critical roles in your organization. Call us at (800) 209-8143 or email

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