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Industry Insights

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E-learning and Online Programs in Healthcare Leadership

E Learning Cejka

Health executives hail from a variety of educational backgrounds. Some leaders have been formally trained in a healthcare leadership program, earning an MHA, MPH, MPA, MHSA, DPH degree, or the like.

Mark Madden featured in Executive Search Podcast

Hero blog MM featured in Executive Search Podcast

Healthcare organizations understand the pivotal role telehealth has played in recent months, to increase access and provide a safer treatment option during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Increase Engagement and Boost Participation During Virtual Presentations

Hero blog Boost Participation During Virtual Presentations

Here’s how healthcare leaders can keep audiences active and interested during virtual meetings and presentations.

Healthcare Leadership: Building a Legacy

Hero blog legacy

What defines legacy in healthcare leadership? How can crises present unique opportunities for leaders to improve societal health and leave an indelible mark?

Cultivating a Healthcare Leadership Career

Hero Cultivating a Healthcare Leadership Career

Although healthcare leaders must often focus externally—on patients, staff, facility, business, industry, policy, and community—periodically, it can be beneficial to shift internally for a personal career assessment.

2020 Healthcare Leadership Conferences

Hero Healthcare Leadership Conferences 2020

See how these upcoming virtual conferences can offer convenience and value for busy healthcare leaders – even under the resource constraints of COVID.

5-Part Series: Building Your Reputation as a Medical Group Provider of Choice Part One: Nurturing Patient Relationships


According to our medical group leadership network, positioning a practice as a provider of choice among patient populations is critical to driving profitability and success, specifically considering consumer experience and consumer preference.

Building a Community-Focused Culture

Hero blog Building Community-Focused Culture

Throughout the pandemic, US healthcare organizations have balanced the daily needs of providing care with planning for the long-term impact left by the virus.

Leadership in Today’s Healthcare Market: The Top Five Skills Organizations Want in a New Executive

Hero blog Healthcare_Mkt_CKS

Over the last 50 years, the healthcare industry in the United States has seen a steady increase in job growth. Even during past recessions, healthcare jobs have remained secure and, in many ways, remained insulated from typical business cycles.

The New Trends in Team-Building: From Crisis to Innovation

Hero blog trends in team building

Every aspect of the healthcare industry is feeling the impact of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the pandemic response.

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