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5 Tips to Become a Successful Change Agent in Healthcare

How to be a successful change agent in healthcare

Change agents tend to have common traits regardless of their background. But how does one get started once they are brought in? Read five key tips that successful change agents implement when brought into a new healthcare organization.

A 3-Part Master Class in Preparing for Academic Search Engagements

Master Class Part One

Any academic institution tasked with recruiting and retaining faculty leaders and scholars, scientists, administrators and researchers knows how challenging this assignment can be in a highly competitive recruiting environment.

Leadership Succession Planning: Three Key Areas You Must Address

Succession Planning

In today’s fast-changing health care industry, succession planning has never been more important for hospitals and health systems who hope to not only compete, but to win over both leaders and patients

How to Manage Your Search Firm Partnership to Maximize Success

How to Manage Your Search Firm Partnership to Maximize Success

Rapidly changing healthcare industry dynamics have created greater urgency when it comes to having the right leadership in place.

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