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January 2015


Survey Says: Simple Solutions Help Improve Patient Satisfaction

Sometimes things don’t have to be so complicated. That may seem hard to believe considering the post-reform healthcare environment; complexity seems to be the norm. However, when it comes to improving patient satisfaction, simply solving the most common p

A Look at Employment Contracts for Orthopaedic Surgeons

Amidst the rise of hospital employment of physicians, unfolding reform policies and tightening reimbursement, medical practices need actionable data that can be used by practice managers and surgeons to help find, create and promote more beneficial practi

Tips for Successful Physician Recruitment in a Digital Marketplace

Today’s recruitment market is vastly different than it was just five years ago. The shortage of physician talent abounds and demand for healthcare services is on the rise. In addition, healthcare reform focused on well care and value-based reimbursements

HealthCare Employers’ 2015 Plans Include Temps, Wage Increase!

Good news … a recent Staffing Industry Analysts articlecontinues to support a very positive outlook for the healthcare recruitment industry in 2015.However, with a strengthening industry, the available candidate pool will only continue to tighten. I remai