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Recruit Physicians

Cejka Search is a national leader in the area of physician search, offering thousands of healthcare organizations a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining the right healthcare talent. 

Our innovative solutions and effective recruitment strategies enable our clients to increase their speed-to-hire in a tough, candidate-driven market brought on by a growing shortage of physicians.

Experienced Recruitment Professionals

The average tenure of Cejka Search’s Senior Search Consultants is 21 years. Their years of extensive recruitment experience offer unparalleled knowledge and assurance that you’re hiring a candidate of choice who fits well with your organization and its culture.

Innovative Solutions for a Challenging Physician Shortage 

By 2025, the demand for physicians will exceed supply by 90,000 (American Association of Medical Colleges). The growing physician shortage, increasing demand for qualified and top-physician talent, and new physician career drivers are why clients turn to our proven methodology to get-to-market quickly, engage candidates-of-choice, lower interview-to-hire ratios, decrease time-to-fill, and focus on retention. 

Inquire how we can help your organization hire top physician talent quickly!