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Do Physicians and Administrators See Eye to Eye?

The answer is yes, according to the 2016 Cejka Search Healthcare Perspectives study of 1,621 practicing physicians and healthcare administrators. In the study, respondents were asked to rank the importance of ten healthcare delivery priorities. The result

Employment Contract Trends for Orthopaedic Surgeons

Physician employment contracts are not all alike. Considering the long-term impact on a surgeon’s career and professional satisfaction, employment contracts should be carefully reviewed and fully understood before making a commitment. Recruitment veteran

3 Keys For Recruiting Physicians For Cultural Fit

Strong cultural fit is a top influencer of job satisfaction for most physicians and is a determining factor in their decision to accept an offer – or stay – with a practice. Given the physician shortage and the high cost of physician turnover, investing i

The Hiring War for Mental Health Physicians: How to Compete and Win

Recruiting for mental health and behavioral health providers is fiercely competitive and projected to only get worse. The primary reason is a shortage of supply. A 2014 report to Congress showed that 55% of the nation’s 3,100 counties had no practicing ps

What to Look for in a Physician Recruiter

As a practitioner in the medical industry, you may ask yourself – why would I need a physician recruiter to help me find a job? After all, the issues of job security and abundance of job prospects are hardly top concerns for physicians. According to the B

Signs That It's Time to Start Looking for Something New.

It can happen to anyone, in any profession. But, arguably, it is a condition that plagues physicians more often than most. The diagnosis? Job burnout. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms of job burnout before it does collateral damage to you or

How To Negotiate a Physician Employment Contract: You Have More Experience than You Think.

Think back to your childhood when you were an expert at getting that extra chocolate chip cookie, or staying up an extra five minutes before bed time. It was easy, almost effortless, then to get what you wanted. You’d ask for five cookies knowing you’d ne

Physician-Patient Communication: Are You Wired for Success?

The convergence of the information age and new technologies has ushered in a new era in medicine in which the physician-patient relationship is largely based on the doctor-technology relationship. Today’s constantly “connected” patients have greater deman

Hand-Washing: Breaking the Germ Cycle, Protecting the Revenue Cycle

Hospitals are in the business of saving lives, but when hospital visits result in infections or poor health outcomes, it puts the “business” in jeopardy. An often overlooked initiative, hand washing, is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread

Survey Says: Simple Solutions Help Improve Patient Satisfaction

Sometimes things don’t have to be so complicated. That may seem hard to believe considering the post-reform healthcare environment; complexity seems to be the norm. However, when it comes to improving patient satisfaction, simply solving the most common p

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