Organizational Culture Survey

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As physicians who previously worked in smaller medical groups and solo practices continue to move to an employed model with hospitals and health systems, organizational culture will play a larger role in physician alignment and job satisfaction.

For health care organizations, the implications are compelling for retention and recruitment, as well as the downstream effects on behaviors, attitudes and the ability to accept and embrace change. Cejka Search and Physician Wellness Services conducted the Organizational Culture Survey to gauge how physicians and administrators evaluated the culture in their own organizations.

The survey explores cultural attributes in health care organizations to determine:

  • To what degree they impact physicians’ satisfaction
  • Their beliefs about their organizations’ competence with respect to these cultural attributes
  • How satisfied physicians are with their organizations’ approach to them
  • The physicians’ own sense of cultural fit and how it impacted their decisions to accept a position or leave a practice

Bend Trends to Your Advantage

Turnover and prolonged vacancy can cost a practice upwards of $100,000, when all recruiting expenses and human resource costs are combined with the investment in practice start-up costs and lost revenue during the vacancy, according to the AMGA and Cejka Search Physician Retention Survey.

Given the importance that physicians place on cultural fit in their decision to join or leave a practice, organizations should address cultural fit on a continuous basis: before, during and long after the recruitment process is complete.

With this information, health care organizations can understand the elements of organizational culture that resonate with physicians, and develop solutions to close the gaps between expectation and reality. By bringing physicians and health care organizations into greater alignment around organizational culture and its various attributes, physician engagement and overall satisfaction will increase.

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