Recruitment Assessment Solutions

Success is the Only Option

“Cejka Search played an integral role by completing a comprehensive assessment of our recruitment efforts and providing customized best practice recommendations, guidelines and tools.”

- Joseph Golbus, MD President, NorthShore University HealthSystem Medical Group

The physician shortage, health reform and slow economic recovery have placed unprecedented pressure on health care organizations to hire and keep physicians. Building high-performing care teams while managing multiple priorities and stakeholder interests can present significant challenges to recruitment and retention success.

Identify the Barriers

In the face of challenges you cannot control, it becomes critical to remove the barriers that you can. Consider the following:

  • Are you really ready to recruit?
  • Are all stakeholders aligned?
  • Do you have consensus on practice and candidate parameters?
  • Is there a sense of urgency?
  • Are you using all the “bells and whistles” to attract candidates?
  • Are your candidates the right fit?
  • Do the members of the interview team understand their individual roles? Are interviews a great experience?
  • Is your compensation package competitive?
  • Do candidates leave the interview wanting the job?

If your answers to these questions are “not sure,” “maybe,” “sometimes,” or “no” your competition has a significant advantage over your organization in hiring and retaining physician talent. You can increase your competitive advantage by identifying and removing the stumbling-blocks specific to your organization’s recruitment process.

Recruitment Assessment Solution

Cejka Search offers an in‐depth, individualized review of your current recruitment processes. Our assessment begins with a collaborative review of current practices, strengths and challenges. Based on defined core metrics, targeted outcomes and milestones, we will deliver specific recommendations and a tool kit for implementing best practices. These are customized to your unique culture, market dynamic, staffing plan, organizational structure and growth strategy.

As a result of our assessment, you will understand how to overcome current recruitment barriers and be equipped with customized recommendations for proven processes, tools and techniques that will enable you to hire faster and more efficiently.

For additional information about the benefits of a physician recruitment assessment, please contact:

Kathy Murray, Vice President, Client ServicesKathy Murray
Vice President, Client Services
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Download and Print the Recruitment Assessment Solutions brochure (PDF 510KB)